Workshops and Classes

Charan has 25 years of teaching experience, of a range of forms and influences. He brings something new to each class. The length of a course and workshops can vary and be tailor-made to suit participants’ ability and interest. He designs them for any group of people, of any age, experience or ability, ranging from courses for professionals to working with a group of friends who want to have some fun with dancing. (See Organisations where charan has recently taught)

For example, courses are available on the fundamental elements of Nepalese folk, festival and classical dance. They involve learning a diversity of gestures, facial expressions, postures, mudras, footwork, traveling, and visualisation. Elements from traditional and classical dance can be incorporated into modern compositions and courses often culminate in a performance by the group.

“Charan teaches with patience, dedication and humour. He is truly charismatic.” Eleanor B.¬†Charan Pradhan is both a wonderfully engaging dance workshop leader as well as an incredibly talented, inspirational performer of South Asian dance. I recommend him in the highest possible terms and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

“Charan teaches with patience, dedication and humour. He is truly charismatic.” Eleanor B.

Miriam Nelken – Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Service

I facilitate classes and workshops in a range of places such as schools, community centers, hospitals, colleges, universities, clubs, nurseries, parties and festivals.

Case Study: Workshop with performance: Tulie House Museum and Arts Services Diwali Celebration, Carlisle

Morning and afternoon Bollywood workshops for the public, followed by a performance in the evening. Participant: “what a laugh, haven’t enjoyed myself so much in months.’ Organiser: charan brought life and energy to the day with his lively workshops and of course the Nepalese smiles that everyone comments on. The performance was superb.

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